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 MDS stands for Microsystems Design Services, LLC. and is now a new sister company to MFJ Enterprises.
Our president and CEO is Martin F. Jue, K5FLU.






     RC1 Digital Rotor Control Features overview

  • Digital Control for Ham II, IV, T2X, Yaesu, HyGain, and many other common antenna rotators
  • Direct replacement control box for Yaesu rotators (RC1-Y)  (SA & DXA Models, and other models that have the Jones-type plug will require the optional mating plug or pigtail..  See products page for details. )
  • Replacement control box for Pulse rotators (RC1-P)  (Alpha Spid ..  See products page for details. )
  • Emergency and battery power compatible
  • Uses slave power from existing Ham Series and AC controllers ( RC1-G   RC1-H)
  • Automatic brake control on Ham Series rotators
  • Computer controlled operation via the included USB port
  • Graphic LCD screen with large bright numbers and letters
  • Easy-on-the-eye blue background blends with modern stations
  • Automatic speed control on DC powered rotators
  • Go-to button and reciprocal heading knob for quick changes
  • Priced below the repair cost of many factory control boxes
  • Field upgradeable firmware via the USB port
  • Rugged steel enclosure for maximum RF shielding
  • Designed and made in U.S.A.
  • All these features at half the cost of similar digital controls
  • Weight: 1.43 lbs. (650 grams)
  • Dimensions: 3.4 in. (85.7mm) H x 5.25 in. (133.4mm) W x 4.125 in. (104.8mm) D
  • Internet ordering, pay with PayPal, check, or money order
  • Limited Warranty 1 Year Parts and Warranty (See Manual for details)


As microprocessors have increased the utility of the amateur radio operators station, we have seen a void in the control of station accessories such as your antenna rotator, remote antenna switch boxes, and digital interface boxes. 

With this in mind, we present a new line of station accessories.  The first product is the RC1 which will completely replace your Yaesu rotator control box!  It will turn the cheapest Yaesu into a top performer, with serial computer control, go-to, reciprocal (long path).  With a graphical display, we are able to show all aspects of the rotator's control with large digits.

The RC1-Y is the Yaesu version, which runs off your station power supply, which means it also can run off emergency battery power. 

The RC1-G is the Yaesu version for the G450, G650 rotors.

The RC1-H is the ham M, II, III, IV, and Tailtwister control box.  It is a UPGRADE box, in that you must still use the power (24VAC @5A) from your old control box, or supply your own AC power supply.

The RC1-P is the Pulse version for the Alpha Spid or Orion pulse rotors.

Other control boxes such as the Emotator can be adapted, with the latest in digital rotator control.  The RC1 boxes use the DCU-1 protocol, and work well with LP Rotor Software and Ham Radio Deluxe programs.

Paypal will be the preferred method of payment online. We will also accept personal checks via mail, or money orders by mail. Shipping costs will be Quoted when the order is submitted and must be accepted before the order is finalized. We prefer USPS priority mail. The weight is 2 pounds.  There is a surcharge for International shipments.

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