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Below you will find download link to our product brochure and manual in pdf format. We encourage you to print out the brochure and give at your club meeting.

RC-1 Manual (PDF)

SOFTWARE with Rotor Control

The RC-1 Digital Rotor Controller will work stand alone, however it is at its best when used with various computer programs. Many of the programs are free, others have a free trial period before registration.

TERA TERM PRO Tera Term (Pro) is a free software terminal emulator (communication program) for MS-Windows. It supports VT100 emulation, telnet connection, serial port connection, and so on.

Ham Radio Deluxe is a Radio (CAT) Control Program with a fantastic logbook for your station. Rotor Control using the DCU-1 protocol allows control of the RC-1. Ham Radio Deluxe has PSK-31, RTTY, and other modes. This program is used every day with the RC-1 Digital Rotor Control. Here is a link to the latest version download site. You will know the latest by the date and four digit number.  NOTE: Version 5.x has a problem displaying the azimuth, but that is fixed in version 6.x

A bridge software Ham Radio Deluxe  which allows you to use Dxview with Spotcollector and the spot frequency is sent through the bridge software to HRD.

LP ROTOR by Larry Phipps - N8LP is a program that allows easy manual control of the RC-1 Digital control with your mouse. This program will allow remote operation of the RC-1 to turn beams on a remote base when used with remote desktop software as real vnc or pc anywhere. There are other remote desktop software that will work.

DXView presents a world map, upon which beam headings, stations you spot, the sun's position, and the solar terminator are continuously displayed.  With Lprotor installed, dxview will us it A PC running Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, or XP is required.  DXView is free, and contains no advertising..

SpotCollector is a free application that captures spots from

  • up to four additional telnet-accessible DX Clusters.     

  • the DX Summit spotting network (via the #CQDX IRC channel)

  • a local PacketCluster (via a TNC or the AGW soundcard packet engine)

Spots of the same station on the same frequency and mode are combined into a single Spot Database entry that records the time of the first spot, and the time of the most recent spot along with the station's DXCC entity, frequency and mode of operation, most recent spot notes, and (if specified in the spot notes) QSX frequency and grid square. 

Besides identifying immediately-needed stations, SpotCollector can reveal a DX-station's operating patterns, increasing your ability to be at the right frequency at the right time.


308 Industrial Park RD.
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