(Alpha Spid or Orion Pulse Rotators)

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This is the MDS RC1-P (Digital Rotor Control) This Pulse control box for the Alpha Spid or Orion rotators with pulse (not potentiometers) position input, includes a USB interface for computer control. Great for remote control of your antenna's on your remote station with certain software.


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This is a close up shot of the main display screen of the RC1 Digital Rotor Control with explanations of the data displayed.
  • The Callsign is user programmable.
  • The Compass Rose shows as N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, and NW.
  • The GO TO heading is dialed up by the front knob for azimuth heading desired
  • The CMD displays the GO TO heading generated by the computer control.
  •  Displays error messages below the rotor heading
  • Rotor Control Cable
  • USB Computer Interface (no pic)
  • Power Connector






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